Submission Guidelines

If your browsing Recipe Lobby there is no guidelines. Feel free to explore and find to find something you like! If you want to submit something to the site you will need to sign up and follow the sites submission guidelines.

Who is able to submit?

To be able to submit you will have to sign up for the website.

What can I submit

You can submit any recipes on your blogs. We will have some requirements to on topics, links and image size. Our goal is to allow our users to be able to share any of their recipes and keep our website visualy appealing.

How do I submit a recipe?

  1. You will have to sign up for our site
  2. Upload an image to your submission. Images need to be 280x270px to be approved. Our goal is to have our site visual appealing to people so they keep coming back!
  3. You will need to enter a description. This is a short title so people know right away what they are looking for
  4. Enter a short description so people can get a little more info. This should be around 100 character.
  5. Lastly you will have to add a link to your site or blog. We will check on where this sites go. This can not be a link to your homepage, it will have to be right to your article about the recipe. We will check out this link to make sure it is going to the right place.
  6. Wait patiently :)

What gets published?

After you have submited an recipe our admins are going to look it over to make sure everything fits. It's going to take a nice image, title, description and a link that is going to the right place. Depending on how many submissions there are could change the approval time, but don't fear we will get to them all!


Images are a huge part of submissions. We want people to come back to our site to look for recipes, and how the site looks visual is a huge factor. Submit an image the is 280x270, high quility and original.


The links to the site is important. Obviously we will not allow spam, drugs, porn or any of that stuff! The link will need to right to the article, not a home page.


Keep it short, one or two words. Visiters to the site should know what they are looking at right away.


This one can be a little longer. It should be around 100 charaters long. Keep it short and sweet still! Again we want the site to look good so people come back.